Life With You…

We have been through it. We don't do things traditionally. Life with you has broken just about every stereotype of marriage I ever had. Over the last 17 years of life together we have moved 13 times, owned 2 homes, lived in 3 states, visited 34 states and 9 countries, lost 3 babies in miscarriage,... Continue Reading →

Covenant: Immeasurable

The heat was wet, forming tiny droplets of moisture on my arms and legs, on my face.  The smells in the air were thick, acrid aromas of smoke, waste, and animals, cut periodically by the rich tropical sent of flowers and lush vegetation as the breezes opened up through the tiny courtyard.   The smooth... Continue Reading →

Favor Ain’t Fair

Favor is one of those things that just doesn't fit a mold.  There is very little reason for favor when it enters into a life.  It is simply it's own entity.  And favor is not something you can measure. Last weekend my husband took me shopping at  a friend's boutique.  I have been wanting to... Continue Reading →

Measurements Undone

Measurements are something I really like. I like to know how far I have come, if I'm close to finishing or succeeding, if I'm making progress, or if I need to make adjustments. I love the things in life that make sense and can be quantified, measured, explained, and kept neat and tidy.  I love... Continue Reading →

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