But If We Hope…

“The only way to obtain the promises of God is through faith and patience!…” ~Christine Caine (@ChristineCaine)



It has been 7 years and counting since I first got that one promise… the one that has changed our lives forever, just in hearing it.  The one that was uttered in quiet solitude, in the depth of my heart… the one that was so outrageous it was hard to believe.  The one that was later repeated through a microphone over myself and my husband by a man who couldn’t have known what had been whispered in the dark.

In fact, it seems like life has gone in the complete opposite direction.  So much so that I have often second guessed what was promised.  Yet, just as often, it is confirmed again one way or another.


There was a prophetic word we were given as a family, about a van.  It was confirming something we were already hoping for and dreaming about, so we grabbed hold of that word.  Within six months we purchased the van, much to everyone’s delight.  However, it put us in the hole $40,000 plus interest…  it has been one of our biggest setbacks financially.  I often wonder what we could have done if we’d waited, added wisdom to the faith we expressed in that dream and prophetic confirmation.  Had patience.  Would we be farther along in our financial health goals?  Probably.


A friend wrote out a prophetic vision she had for us during her morning prayer time. In it she described the living room of our future house, something that was deeply meaningful as we were climbing our way out of financial holes and in need of a place of our own.  Part of the vision involved couches – she described the exact couches we’d been eyeing for several months, something she didn’t know anything about.  My husband said we wouldn’t spend more than $2000 on a couch set, which put those couches out of our price range.

Four years later, four years after we were given this prophetic word picture, those couches went on clearance at a black Friday sale.  We got the entire living room set, including coffee table and end tables for less than the price of just the arm chair.  We spent a total of about $600.


At nine months old my tiny daughter sat in my lap and asked me for a sister in her sweet babyish words.  Where she got the concept of a sister, I have no idea. She is my first and was my only child at the time. But when I repeated back to her, “you want a sister?” her eyes lit up and she clapped her chubby hands and nodded.  We began praying for that sister.  All the more so when I became pregnant with my second child… who was a boy, a brother.  She delighted in him so much, I figured it was simply a sibling she wanted… until she crawled into my lap at just over 2 and asked me for a sister again.  This time we could talk about it a bit more.  “Mom, I have a sister that’s mine, I want her.”

After two more boys, making four children total, and giving my daughter three brothers, my husband and I informed my then 11 year old daughter that we were permanently ending the chance of having a sister for her.  She refused to believe that she wasn’t going to have a sister.  And on the day of my husband’s vasectomy we learned we were pregnant yet again – impossibly pregnant.

Her sister was born exactly 11 years and five months after my daughter first expressed desire for a sister.   Her sister’s name means Living Prayer, Beautiful Grace.


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