Happy Birthday!

Dearest sweetest Zeke,

Your birth, five years ago, was an event I’ll never forget.  Labor started, and less than an hour later you were in my arms, wide-eyed and quietly observant of everything around us.  It took us a little while to coax a smile from your lips, but your eyes were smiling from the start. 

You are such a statement of God’s love in our lives, Zeke.  You have His gentle, quiet strength.  Unfazed by your louder, more insistent siblings and peers, you accept us all in stride.  Yet you know your mind, and you don’t waver from what you want or need.  Son, you live by the beat of your own drum, and I admire you for it. 

Your heart to protect, save and rescue people is deep.  From the time you were able to reach and crawl you’ve been drawn to fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, anything with lights and machinery and wheels.  Your baby sister learned to call you EO because of your constant play and the sound you’d make for your fire trucks.  You will be the hero as a grown man that you already are in your heart as a 5 year old. 

Dad and I are so in awe of you, young man – so completely enamored with the person you are. Thank you Zeke, for letting us be your parents, for being so willing to forgive our mistakes when we misunderstand your unique nature.  Thank you for your deep affection and loyalty toward your baby sister, to your big brothers and your love for your big sister.  You fit so perfectly in this family – such a perfect prize! 

I feel like I won the lottery with you in my life, son.  You amaze me, astound me, inspire me and delight me. 

Happy Birthday Zeke!!

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