It’s something I’ve been learning a lot about lately.

Honor looks at a person and says, “I disagree with your choices, behavior, words, and/or actions, but I will think highly of you, show you respect in my tone and word choices as well as to continually speak highly of you to others.”  It does not mean turn a blind eye to harmful or hurtful behaviors or words.  Honor simply looks at a person’s value as being created in the image of God, assesses and implements appropriate boundaries and asserts that they are worthy of the same mercy I myself need and desire.

I think feeling dishonored, or even more accurately, being dishonored, by others throughout my life has taught me the most about how valuable honor is.  Not just that I be honored, but that I first treat myself with honor, so that I know how to choose honor toward others.

Honoring myself is probably the toughest.

When I know what I’m thinking, how I’m acting, what I’m saying are less than stellar… when my choices have been subpar and I don’t like who I am seeing in the mirror… will I still choose to think highly of myself? To show myself respect and use kind tones and words toward myself?  Will I still speak well of myself when I engaging with other; that is will I put myself down or will I just keep silent?… tough one!

Especially before I experienced the way God thinks and speaks to me, especially when I haven’t deserved it.

It’s been my experience of being honored by God that’s taught me how to honor other people, especially those who are more challenging.  Its easy to spot people who haven’t experienced receiving honor, or people who have very little honor for themselves. Typically they are the ones who are the most dishonoring, and the most oblivious to their own behavior.

Usually, these are the people who are in need of being treated with honor the most.

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