Pain: Nemesis or Mentor? Pt. 3

"Lean into the pain..." I hear it... whispers... echoes of a voice I trust. lean into the pain... pain is the intersection where life and death meet, and we get to choose which road we will travel.  What will we let die and what will we nurture to life when we experience pain? Pain is... Continue Reading →

Pain; Nemesis or Mentor? pt. 2

Going into my 4th pregnancy, the words of my last delivery nurse rang through my head. I had labored with and delivered my 3rd baby in under 2 hours without an epidural, and the sense of accomplishment and power that fete gave me was a high I still felt.  I was determined to repeat that... Continue Reading →

Pain; Nemesis or Mentor? pt. 1

I've been hearing it a lot these days. lean into the pain...  I've had a lot of experience with pain... for the most part, I'd rather avoid it. From the moment labor started with my first baby, I knew I was in trouble.  The pain was out of this world. I needed to vomit, but... Continue Reading →

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