Position, Identity, Authority

"Well, I don't agree with you and, 
I've talked with others who agree with me!"  

Conflict… completely UNFUN in my world.

When I am confronted with someone who disagrees with me, I tend to go in the direction of  am I really set on what I’m saying… is this worth the fight its causing… can I avoid this somehow?  If I have to stand my ground and drive head-long into a conflict I want to know why, and what position I have that gives me any credibility.  Especially when the person I’m in conflict with thrives on competition and debating.  And, I am around a lot of competitive people, who love to debate for fun.

To me, debating seems as fun as plucking every hair
out of my body one by one…

I’ve had to find a way to deal with conflicts, and what I’ve discovered isn’t just for conflict, but for every aspect of my life.

What it’s boils down to is understanding my position in life, my identity and the authority I walk in.  This is what I heard Holy Spirit say about these three things;

My position is seated beside Christ in heavenly places.

Being seated is being in a place of ease.  Christ is the personification of salvation, authority and anointing.  As a believer, by His grace, I am positioned in a place of ease beside the personification of salvation, authority and anointing… pretty powerful place to come at life from!

My identity is BeLoved.

I am Being, living and existing, in a state of Loved, receiving affection, devotion, loyalty, credibility, protection, provision, empowering, kinship, belonging, nurturing, attention, mercy, passion, promotion, forgiveness, grace, empathy, compassion, understanding, unconditional acceptance, encouragement, correction, breath of life… etc.  I am called by and know as a state of living and existing to receive all of how God feels toward me and who He is to me… pretty cool title! 

My authority is as the Bride of Christ.

I carry the authority of a bride, one who is in an intimate joint relationship with Christ, the embodiment of salvation, authority and anointing.  To the degree that I know and am fully known by Him, I will have the ability to rule, establish and govern, to make decisions, direct and control situations and circumstances as He does.   Understanding that I am positioned in a place of ease (not running or jumping or prostrate), existing in a sate of receiving His affections, approval, loyalty, correction & unconditional acceptance, my authority will flow from His love and my desire to love Him back.

I’ve been learning a new habit when I encounter conflicts, or stressful situations. Really, I need to just do this every morning before I encounter my day!

I find a chair and sit in it, and remind myself that I view life from the position of ease because who I am sitting by is the embodiment of salvation, authority and anointing.
I rest there until my emotions align with who I am – existing in the state of receiving everything I need and more from Him – and I’m viewing myself the way He sees me. 
As I remember who I am, and become convinced of His intentions toward me, I see everyone around me very differently – not as contenders, but as comrades.  We may never see eye to eye or even be friends, but we are equals and we have a common purpose.

I am a work in progress, for sure!  But in practicing these realities, I am a lot less worried about confrontation or the inevitable conflict that may arise when I stand my ground on something.

…but I still take the same view on debating.


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