Right or Best

Perspective is everything.

I am all I’ve got when it comes to seeing the world around me, unless I am willing to open myself up to seeing things through the perspectives of others.

This works both ways though.

I’m learning something new about myself.  Opening my mind up to a new way of thinking; a way that for so long I’ve been told, and have been telling myself, is the wrong way to think.

The thing is, the way I have been thinking (the “right way”) hasn’t been getting me the results I need.  And everyone around me, who has been thinking the same way, has gotten the results they’ve desired… so, the perspective I’ve begun to adopt has been, “if you’d just work harder, stick with it longer, give it your all, have no excuses… and so on…  you’d be getting the result you desire too! “

My friends mean well.  And they have tasted success, so this logic makes perfect sense. They love me and want the same for me.  It’s obvious I haven’t been getting the results I desire, so of course these kinds of comments and “encouragements” will come my way from people who truly care.

However, I’ve begun to take on more than “work hard, stick with it, give it your all, no excuses” thinking.  It’s turned into, “I must not be working hard enough, I’m giving up, I have too many excuses…” when in reality, I’ve worked doubly hard because I wasn’t getting results.  To the degree of burning out and nearing hopelessness.

Thanks to an acquaintance who was bold enough to share her story, I discovered a new perspective. One that gave me a new energy to keep trying – I might be wired differently, and I might have different challenges and hurtles than my current sphere of influencers face, that while a good thing may work for a lot of people, it might not work for me.

There is no short cut to hard work, never giving up and having a no excuses mentality. However, when the perspectives we’re taking in don’t line up with the realities we’re facing, we can spend a lot of energy and hope never giving up, working hard without exceptions on the wrong things.

It’s vitally important that the way we think isn’t just the “right” way to think, but ultimately it is the “best” way to think for the circumstances we’re in.

Thinking that the perspectives of my friends, who have had great results, was all I needed to do as well, has left me depleted, discouraged and nearly hopeless.  I stuck with it this long because I wasn’t willing to give up on something so right for everyone else around me.  I was willing to listen to, and receive, sharp criticism, to apply principles and strategies that the speakers were convinced would turn things around for me if I’d just apply them as they had.

I whole heartedly believe there’s no better way to truly see myself and the world around me than to open myself up fully to the perspectives of others.  I am learning, however, that discernment and openness go hand in hand.

Who's perspective we take in,
 and take on, 
matters as much as being willing 
to see ourselves, and our circumstances,  
through someone else's eyes.  



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