Tragedy & God

How does tragedy fit into the theme of a loving God? I have no idea I know a churchy answer... but if I were to answer those who have lost loved ones to acts of cruelty or carelessness, or to bad luck or bad genes,  my churchiness would not be appreciated.  In fact those answers might... Continue Reading →

Position, Identity, Authority

"Well, I don't agree with you and, I've talked with others who agree with me!"   Conflict... completely UNFUN in my world. When I am confronted with someone who disagrees with me, I tend to go in the direction of  am I really set on what I'm saying... is this worth the fight its causing...... Continue Reading →

Right or Best

Perspective is everything. I am all I've got when it comes to seeing the world around me, unless I am willing to open myself up to seeing things through the perspectives of others. This works both ways though. I'm learning something new about myself.  Opening my mind up to a new way of thinking; a... Continue Reading →

Hypocritical Momming

"...You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye." Matt. 7:1-5 Everything in me was quivering, my face was quivering, and I felt the heat rising in my neck and cheeks, "their kids are just jerks!" The parents sitting... Continue Reading →

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