Legacy of Risk: Grandpa

Just a couple weeks before my grandpa passed away we got to have a really good and insightful conversation.

“Linds, I’m not a risk taking kinda guy, but if you can take a good risk, do it.”

He told us about the different decisions he made throughout his life.  His decision to purchase properties on the Oregon coast, and in Central Oregon, and of his years sailing, skiing and biking.  In his own words he wasn’t a risk taker, and some of his decisions he regretted, because they were risks he didn’t take.

He never regretted the risks he did take.

My Grandpa risked quite a bit throughout his life.  Maybe not in ways most people, including himself, view risk.  But, when I think about his decision to marry my grandma despite being excommunicated by his family when she didn’t convert to their church, and his choice to follow a mentor out to Oregon from Chicago, Ill as a young father and husband and start a medical practice from scratch – and all the other similar ways he took risks – I feel inspired to take a few of my own.

I have been wrestling with writing this blog, thinking about who might be offended or take what I write to mean things I don’t intend for them mean.  I’ve kept it surface level and left out some of the most raw feelings and thoughts I have.

However, I think writing the raw version of myself and letting people think whatever they are going to think is probably one of the biggest risks I can take right now.

So, Grandpa, I’m taking a good risk and living out your wisdom.






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