Legacy of Risk: Grandpa

Just a couple weeks before my grandpa passed away we got to have a really good and insightful conversation. "Linds, I'm not a risk taking kinda guy, but if you can take a good risk, do it." He told us about the different decisions he made throughout his life.  His decision to purchase properties on... Continue Reading →

Grandpa Praying

One of my favorite childhood memories is waking up in my grandparents house to the smell of coffee and toast, clean sheets and the lingering sent of grandma's soap and lotion, and grandpa's aftershave. I was upstairs, usually in the blue room with two twin beds,  windows that opened up over the street below, a... Continue Reading →

Grandpa,I Love You

I lost my Grandpa this week.  It was a surreal experience to walk through.  Waiting for a loved one to die.  Watching him breath slower and slower, longer pauses between breaths, each breath a fete for his tried body. We are fortunate. We had time.  Time to say goodbye.  Time to read to him, to... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness in Covenant

  Forgiveness was where it all started. When it came time to forgive my husband, I already understood forgiveness.  That's where it all began for me back in Australia.  There,  I learned that my ability to forgive others is vital for my freedom. Forgiving others is what lets me off the hook. Forgiveness does not in anyway... Continue Reading →

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