Favor Ain’t Fair

Favor is one of those things that just doesn’t fit a mold.  There is very little reason for favor when it enters into a life.  It is simply it’s own entity.  And favor is not something you can measure.

Last weekend my husband took me shopping at  a friend’s boutique.  I have been wanting to go for a long while and this was the first time we had a budget for it.   My friend has an exceptional gift for pulling together outfits, and dreaming up new fashion trends.  She showers people with encouragement and inspiration, inside her store and out, wherever she is.  And my experience was no different.

As outfits filled my dressing room I was amazed at how different I felt trying on clothes, and some of the styles were things I’d never have tried on my own.  I fell in love with several items, and when it came time to choose, my friend, all bubbly and full of enthusiasm, showed us the total – it took my breath away.  She had discounted it beyond what I could have imagined those piece could be discounted.  What?! 

I walked out of her boutique with a full outfit that I loved.  I was giddy with excitement and felt so much favor.  But then, as I lifted my new clothes out of the bag, there at the bottom was another shirt- one I’d also fallen in love with – folded all slyly.  I took a picture of it and texted my friend, “Um, did this fall into the bag by accident?…”

Her response was a text full of hearts and the message “#favoraintfair”

Indeed.  That is the best way to describe favor – it ain’t fair!

Yet, that is exactly how God deals with us.  With immeasurable favor.  Not just His mercy poured out on the cross, but every good thing that fills our lives is a gift, favor, from Him. There just isn’t a way to gain it, there’s only the decision to receive it or reject it.  Because no matter which way you look at it: #FAVORAINTFAIR

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