Heaven’s Poetry

I feel it start behind my right ear. A dull sort of ache that radiates quietly down my neck and into the back of my shoulder, deepening beneath my shoulder blade.  Slowly over a matter of hours, and even days, it increases in intensity. Then I notice it in my chest.  A tightening, seeping downward... Continue Reading →

Lead me… through it all

Loosing my grandpa four months after loosing my spiritual mama was devastating. At the time my life was in full swing with five children and several different demands on my time. I didn't have the luxury of taking time off. Nothing paused or even slowed down in my daily life, even as my inner world... Continue Reading →


I see you. Sitting there beside me, so full of life and awake to every little experience... You are so ready to tackle this world you're growing up in.  Your eyes are so expressive, so alight with curiosity and compelling insights sprouting from the thrill of mastering these few short years so far.  You are... Continue Reading →


  Being the eldest daughter in a family of three girls, I knew nothing about boys. The majority of my cousins are girls too... I had NO real concept of men in their element. When my daughter was born, I knew how to be her mom. I had the girl thing down. I was an... Continue Reading →

Life With You…

We have been through it. We don't do things traditionally. Life with you has broken just about every stereotype of marriage I ever had. Over the last 17 years of life together we have moved 13 times, owned 2 homes, lived in 3 states, visited 34 states and 9 countries, lost 3 babies in miscarriage,... Continue Reading →

Failing Failure

"Those of us who belong to the Anointed One have crucified our old lives and put to death the flesh and all the lusts and desires that plague us." ~Galatians 5:24 Six days into a new eating plan and I botch it big time. I should be over this... the eating emotionally. That was something... Continue Reading →

But If We Hope…

"The only way to obtain the promises of God is through faith and patience!..." ~Christine Caine (@ChristineCaine)   Patience. It has been 7 years and counting since I first got that one promise... the one that has changed our lives forever, just in hearing it.  The one that was uttered in quiet solitude, in the... Continue Reading →

Faith Shattered

“Faith unchecked becomes entitlement…” ~Bill Johnson (Faith Vs Entitlement) This concept has been rocking my world lately. I've lived in the knowledge of God my whole life.  And somewhere between the first moment when that tiny seed of faith in me was activated; that first thrill of discovering God is real, and now... I have... Continue Reading →

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